Current Funds

Established in 1980 with the formation of the Branford Community Foundation, the BCF General Fund is an unrestricted fund. This fund enables the Board of Directors the flexibility to respond to the needs of the Branford community as they arise.


These funds help meet ever-changing community needs, including future needs that often cannot be anticipated at the time a gift is made. Used to make a difference when it is needed most, unrestricted funds give the BCF the most flexibility to respond to the changing needs of the Branford community. All distributions from these funds are subject to the Foundation’s project / grant review guidelines, spending rule, and applicable IRS rules and guidelines.

Dr. Thomas H.G. Aitkin Trust (see fund highlight)
The Dr. Thomas H. G. Aitken Trust was established through a bequest upon Dr. Aitken’s death in 2007. This is an unrestricted fund, which provides the most flexibility to address the ever-changing needs in Branford.

Andriole Family Fund
Charles Andriole established this unrestricted fund in 1997. Mr. Andriole, an active leader in Branford and the surrounding community, created the Andriole Family Fund to provide a permanent way to give back to his community.

Peter Borgemeister Fund
This unrestricted fund was established in 2014 through a bequest from Peter Borgemeister, who called Branford home for 44 years and was a great supporter of the outdoors, including the Branford Land Trust and Nature Conservancy, and the Blackstone Library.

H. Allen Carroll Fund
This unrestricted fund was in memory of H. Allen Carroll who was a founding benefactor of the Branford Community Foundation and the first President of the Board of Directors. At the time of his death, Mr. Carroll’s family and friends established this fund to honor his commitment to the purpose and mission of the Branford Community Foundation.

A. Peter and Fae Delfini Memorial Fund
This unrestricted fund was established in memory of A. Peter Delfini and was later broadened to include his wife, Fae Delfini.

John E. Donegan Fund
This unrestricted fund was initially seeded in 2011. In 2014, the Board of Directors voted to honor John E. Donegan, a founder of the Branford Community Foundation, with a fully established fund in recognition of his many years of service and countless contributions to Branford and the Foundation. Mr. Donegan passed away in 2016, and his friends and family honored his memory through additional gifts to this fund.

Darin G. Etzel Fund
This unrestricted fund was established in 1980, one of the Branford Community Foundation’s original holdings. The fund was created to honor Darin Etzel, the son of David and Mary Margaret Etzel, whose struggle with and untimely death at age 5 from complications relating to a rare blood disease moved the Branford community. The fund’s roots were later broadened to include the memory of George J. Etzel and Mary Margaret Etzel. The Darin G. Etzel fund has been used throughout the years to support numerous grants in all areas of the Foundation’s mission.

The Farricielli Family Fund
Established in 2019 to celebrate Josephine’s 100th Birthday, this unrestricted fund was created in the spirit of giving to Branford by encouraging contributions in lieu of gifts. Josephine Farricielli was born on November 30, 1919. Her grandparents owned and operated the Spring Valley Dairy in Branford. Some years later, she and her husband owned the Farricielli Oldsmobile, Buick, Cadillac GMAC. Josephine has four children, five grandchildren, and ten great grandchildren, and her family is delighted to honor Josephine with a gift that will last in perpetuity to support her hometown of Branford.

Tom and Carol Gagliardi Fund (see fund highlight)
This fund was established in 2013 as an unrestricted fund by the Gagliardis in support of all aspects of the mission of the Branford Community Foundation.

William T. Gorman Family Fund
Bill and Liz Gorman established this unrestricted fund in 2014 to provide a permanent source of funding to address the existing and future needs of Branford.

William C. and Barbara R. Lyons Fund (see fund highlight)
William and Barbara Lyons established this unrestricted fund, which supports grants and initiatives that meet the Branford Community Foundation’s mission to enrich the quality of life in our community.

Robert J. Massey, Sr. Family Fund (see fund highlight)
The children of Robert and Jean Massey created the unrestricted Robert J. Massey Sr. Family Fund which honors the philanthropic spirit instilled by Jean and Bob Massey, long time Branford residents and local business owners.

Mobeck Family Fund
The Mobeck Family established this unrestricted fund in 2005, in honor of Bob’s 60th birthday. The family created the fund in gratitude for all that the community has given to them over the years, and it supports initiatives and programs across the Branford Community Foundation’s mission.

John and Carol Moss Fund
John and Carol Moss established this unrestricted fund to honor their fiftieth anniversary. The fund continued to receive additional gifts from family and friends after their respective deaths in 2003 and 2007.

Virginia Page – Page Family Fund (see fund highlight)
Virginia “Ginny” Page established this unrestricted fund in 2017. This fund assists BCF in providing a nimble response to emerging community needs.

The Jane W. Rosenthal Fund (see fund highlight)
This unrestricted fund was established by the family of Jane Rosenthal in 2013 in her memory and as a tribute to her love of and commitment to the Branford Community.

Jacqueline Ulrich Fund
This unrestricted fund was established in 2015 through a bequest from the estate of Jacqueline Ulrich, a celebrated writer for many years at the New Haven Register.


Nobile Fund for Cultural and Artistic Innovation
In honor of his 25th birthday in 2017, Greg Nobile established this donor advised fund to support those initiatives, projects and nonprofit organizations that drive the creative economy of the Connecticut shoreline. This fund will assist early-stage innovation in cultural and artistic organizations as well as opportunities for emerging artists and cultural programming.

Deirdre Baker Schiffer Fund (see fund highlight)
Joe Schiffer established the Deirdre Schiffer Fund in 2016 in memory of his late wife. This fund is the first donor advised fund of the Branford Community Foundation, and has a particular focus in environmental issues, education and protection.


The donor identifies a specific need or field of interest in an area of community life that is in accordance with the mission of the Branford Community Foundation. The Foundation then awards grants to community agencies and programs that are making a difference in that field. As specified by the founding donors, distributions from these funds are narrower in scope than unrestricted funds. Distributions are subject to the Foundation’s spending rule, however, Designated, Scholarship and Donor Advised are NOT subject to project/grant review guidelines. Restricted funds fall into four subcategories: Field of Interest; Designated; Scholarship; and Donor Advised.

Brain Injury, Brain Illness and/or Mental Health Fund
An anonymous donor established this field of interest fund in 2018 to support individuals, organizations, programs and initiatives for the treatment, care, and improvement in the quality of life for those affected by traumatic or acquired brain injury, brain related illness or mental health.

Clark Family Fund
This designated fund was established by friends and family of Harold D. Clark, Jr. in 1998 to support the Branford Counseling Center and the Branford Land Trust.

Stephanie and Leonard Farber Fund (see fund highlight)
Stephanie and Len Farber established this fund in 2015 to provide a permanent source of support for the administrative costs of running the Branford Community Foundation. As Board President, Stephanie oversaw the transition from a volunteer-driven organization to one that has professional staff and support to ensure the Foundation can continue its growth and impact on the town of Branford.

Donald W. and Carla Grigley Memorial Fund
This is a designated fund to benefit the Branford Volunteer Services Center; an organization that Mr. Grigley felt embodied the spirit of the Branford community. Donald W. Grigley’s family established the fund in 2004 in his memory. In 2016, the fund was amended to include his wife, Carla.

Guilford Savings Bank Charitable Fund
The Guilford Savings Bank Charitable Fund was established in 2014 to support scholarships for Branford public school students; operational support for the Branford Community Foundation; support for low to moderate income individuals and families; and community needs specified by the Branford Community Foundation.

Thomas C. Hooker Memorial Fund
This field of interest fund was created in 2013 in memory of Thomas Hooker by his parents, Creighton and Anne. This fund was established to support basic needs in Branford, including food, shelter, emergency financial assistance, and other help for the needy in our community.

Lasala Family Fund for Animals
(see fund highlight)
Eunice and Anthony Lasala started this field of interest fund in 2016 to create a permanent legacy for Eunice’s love of Branford and its animals. The fund’s purpose is to provide support for the care and protection of animals located in Branford. This can include funds to qualifying organizations that provide humane population control (including no-kill shelters) neutering, vaccinations to protect against disease, adoption services, care and feeding of feral animals, and other services to protect wild or domestic animals in Branford.

Joyce and Robert “Pat” Mailhouse Fund (see fund highlight)
The Joyce and Robert “Pat” Mailhouse Fund was established in 2011 as a field of interest fund. The Mailhouse family created this fund to support athletic and cultural endeavors in the Branford community.

James F. Ryan Fund

When James F. Ryan passed away in 2017, his family of established this fund to memorialize his love of and commitment to the Branford community. The purpose of the fund is to support programs, organizations and initiatives that improve the quality of life in Branford, and also, when possible, to support organizations that serve children with cancer, including but not limited to Camp Rising Sun and Make A Wish.

Torello Family Fund
The Torello Family established this fund in 2018 to provide a scholarship for a graduating senior who excelled in athletics and also to provide permanent funds to support the existing and future needs of Branford. Bud and Marie Torello raised their family — four sons — in Branford, and the family continues to work, live and play here. The fund was established by Ryan Torello in recognition of his brother Scott’s inauguration into the Branford Sports Hall of Fame in 2018.

Donald and Mary Lou Welch Fund (see fund highlight)
This is a field of interest fund established in 2004. Ginger Dendas created this fund in memory of her parents, Donald and Mary Lou Welch, and to celebrate her husband’s birthday. This purpose of this fund is focused on support for children in need and preservation of the environment.

Linda Edsall Winward and Walter Winward Fund (see fund highlight)
The Linda Edsall Winward and Walter Winward Fund for Music is a designated fund that was established in 2007 and provides for music programs for which funding might not otherwise be available in the Branford Elementary and Middle Schools.  


Philip A. DeLise Memorial Scholarship Fund (see fund highlight)
Philip A. DeLise’s family established this fund in 2016 to create a living memorial for their father. Philip A. DeLise started working at Branford High School in 1965, eventually becoming assistant principal in 1970 and ultimately principal from 1990 to 1999. Named the town of Branford’s “Citizen of the Year” in 1970, Mr. DeLise’s love for Branford and its students will live in perpetuity through a scholarship to Branford High School students who are pursuing secondary education.

Bob Dow Scholar-Athlete Scholarship Fund (see fund highlight)
When Bob Dow died in February 2008, his family established the Bob Dow Scholar-Athlete Scholarship Fund. A scholarship is awarded each year to a graduating Branford high school student who best represents the competitive drive and sportsman-like qualities that Bob valued.

P.J. Ferriolo Memorial Scholarship Fund (see fund highlight)
This scholarship fund was established in 2000 in the memory of Peter M. “P.J.” Ferriolo. This fund provides an annual scholarship to a Branford high school senior who intends to pursue a career in aviation.

Vincent Giordano, Sr. Scholarship Fund
This scholarship fund was originally established as the Giordano Family Fund. The family created the fund in memory of Vincent A. Giordano, Sr. In 2003, the fund was renamed the Vincent S. Giordano Sr. Scholarship Fund to provide a scholarship to graduating Branford seniors who pursue an interest in the construction and building industry.

Kendra Martin Scholarship Fund (see fund highlight)
This scholarship fund was established in 2007. The Kendra Martin Scholarship Fund annually awards a scholarship to a graduating Branford High School senior and is designed for a student in a one-parent or no-parent home. Additional criteria for this scholarship are financial need and demonstration of volunteer efforts in giving back to the community.

William Owens, Jr. and Attorney Robert Owens Scholarship Fund
William Owens, Jr. established this scholarship fund in 2004 in memory of his brother, Robert Owens. The fund supports a graduating senior who is a Branford resident either in public or private high school, and is granted based upon financial need, citizenship, grade point average and community service. William Owens passed away in 2017 but his legacy for his family endures.

Joyce Watson Potts & Carl E. Potts Memorial Scholarship Fund
Joyce and Carl grew up in Branford in the 1920s, where their fathers originally worked at the Malleable Iron Foundry. Carl did not speak English when he started the first grade, and Joyce told stories about the two room schoolhouse in Indian Neck. They attended the ‘new’ Branford High where Carl’s father Oscar was fortunate to find a custodial job during the Depression. Joyce and Carl graduated from Branford High in 1931, and an unknown benefactor provided financial support so he could attend Wesleyan University. He worked two jobs while in college, ultimately graduating in 1936 and starting work as a chemist. Joyce attended the Fannie Farmer School of Cooking in Boston, but both kept in touch with their Branford roots. This Scholarship fund was established by Joyce and Carl’s children and is awarded to a student who will be their first in their family to attend a post-secondary educational institution.

Carol D. and James J. Redden Scholarship Fund
This is a donor advised fund intended as a renewable scholarship for up to 4 years of college. Originally established in 2006 by the Redden family in gratitude for Carol’s generous spirit, the fund was broadened to honor Jim Redden in 2009. The scholarship is granted to a Branford resident and graduating senior at a public or private high school; the scholarship is based on a high level of citizenship and character as well as financial need. In 2016, the fund’s growth enabled a second 4-year scholarship to be provided.

The Mari-Ellen Reed Memorial Nursing Scholarship Fund
This scholarship fund was established in 1994 in memory of Mari-Ellen Reed and is granted to a Branford Resident focused on an education in Nursing.

Christopher and Robert Reynolds Scholarship Fund
Local artist Robert Reynolds established this fund in 2015 to support a scholarship award for Branford High School students pursuing secondary education who have a passion for art or music, and financial need may be taken into consideration. The fund also serves as a living memorial for Robert’s older brother Christopher, who passed away in 1968.

Cathyann Roding Performing Arts Scholarship Fund (see fund highlight)
When Cathyann Roding retired after 32 years of serving as Branford High School’s choral director in 2017, former student Colin Sheehan established a fund to provide scholarship awards for graduating seniors who excelled in the performing arts (dance, instrumental, voice, or theatre). Colin organized and emceed a sold-out event to honor Cathyann’s retirement and raised contributions from her many former students and colleagues for the fund.

Austin Ryer Memorial Scholarship Fund
Austin Ryer, a Branford resident, was killed in World War II. His classmate and friend established this scholarship fund to provide a scholarship to a graduating senior from Branford High School.

The William Schwanfelder Fund (see fund highlight)
This scholarship fund established in 2003 through a bequest from Bill Schwanfelder provides an annual scholarship to a Branford High School graduating senior with financial need pursuing an education in mechanical, electrical or chemical engineering.

John B. Sliney Scholarship Fund
This scholarship fund was established in memory of John B. Sliney and his commitment to education in the Branford community. The fund provides an annual scholarship to a graduating male and female from the Branford Senior High School.

Celia Whorf Wheeler Scholarship Fund
Celia and Robert Wheeler established this scholarship fund in 2017 to award a Branford High School student who has exhibited the highest level of intellect, ability and imagination.

Linda Edsall Winward Scholarship Fund (see fund highlight)
This scholarship fund was established 2007 to express and preserve Linda’s appreciation for the town and the people of Branford and the memory of teachers, staff and great friends at Branford High School. The Linda Edsall Winward Fund offers a scholarship to a Branford High School graduating senior pursuing interests in teaching, international affairs, cultural diversity or child development.

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