About BCF Grants

Thank you for your interest in the Branford Community Foundation (BCF) grant application process. BCF provides four types of investments into the community:

  1. Competitive Grants: An annual process to review and support organizations and programs that serve the Branford Community. This is our primary funding opportunity through which most of our grant making occurs. Prior to submitting a request, click here to read our grant making policies and procedures.
  2. Emergent Grants: BCF understand that projects and emergencies arise that cannot be accommodated by an annual grant cycle. We reserve a small pool of funding for these types of grant applications, and applicants must clarify why the application was not submitted through the Competitive Grant process.
  3. Sponsorships: BCF is proud to partner with GSB to support organizations serving the Branford community through sponsorship of qualifying events. Sponsorships are a single event (i.e gala, road race, etc) or a series of individual events held by an organization over a given time period, to increase visibility or for fundraising.
  4. Scholarships: Scholarship awards for graduating seniors from Branford High School are reviewed and recommended by the Branford High School Guidance office. Questions about scholarships may be addressed to (203) 315-6730.

If you have questions regarding any of these opportunities, please contact Program Director Jennifer Mullett.

For news about previous grant awards and other investments, click here.

Photo by Bill O’Brien