Fund Highlight: Tom and Carol Gagliardi Fund

Created on Tom’s 70th birthday, BCF’s Tom and Carol Gagliardi Fund allows the couple to share the spirit of giving by encouraging contributions in lieu of gifts.

“We can share not only from our own financial aspect, but also through people who would love to benefit the Foundation with gifts on a smaller scale. It’s an easy reach-out,” says Tom.

In 2017, the vibrant, community-minded couple will celebrate their 50th anniversary with BCF in mind.

“I think, when we get to be senior citizens, we will have absolutely everything we can possibly need,” says Carol. “So the greatest gift we can receive are those which help us give to others. It’s wonderful for us, because we love Branford. Through the Foundation, we’re able to support a lot of things we’re very passionate about.”

A board member of Branford’s Legacy Theatre, Carol avidly supports Community Dining Room and Branford Food Pantry. As CEO and President of Thomas Industries, Tom shares his auctioneering talent at shoreline charity events.

The Gagliardis moved to Branford twenty-two years ago and instantly felt at home.

“The community in Branford is so welcoming. If you feel welcome in the community, it’s very easy to give back,” says Tom. “Branford Community Foundation allows for that instant give. Whether it’s directly helping a family in need or bringing theatre to the community, you see the response.”