Dear Treasured Friend,

Here’s what we have learned about you during the time of the pandemic.

When your neighbors need you, your generosity knows absolutely no bounds.

We’ve always known that you, our Branford supporters, are generous, caring, and compassionate. And that you love our Branford community.

Your gifts to the Branford Community Foundation have long aided people and businesses across a wide spectrum of projects and problems — everything from supporting the Branford Diaper Bank to helping families afford their rent during times of crisis.

This last year, the needs were breathtakingly urgent and vast — and they affected every one of us. People struggled to survive — unable to afford groceries, paralyzed by grief and isolation, and without the means to get the medical care they needed.

We put out the call for help, not knowing whether any of you — in the midst of coping with the pandemic — would be able to respond.

And then … well, there’s only one way to put it. You blew us away with your outpouring of generosity!

You went above and beyond during this overwhelming emergency. And your donations literally made the difference for many of your Branford neighbors between getting through this terrible time — and falling through the cracks.

We can’t begin to describe the pride and gratitude we feel for you, our compassionate Branford neighbors. Please Branford Community Foundation 2021 Impact Report to open our 2021 Impact Report. We hope the stories that follow give you a sense of just how profound your impact has been on the Branford community during the last year.


Liza Janssen Petra, Executive Director
Heather Hackley, Board President


Branford Community Foundation 2021 Impact Report


"You can never do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late." - ralph waldo emerson