Types of Funds

Unrestricted Funds
Unrestricted Funds help meet ever-changing community needs, including future needs that often cannot be anticipated at the time a gift is made. Used to make a difference when it is needed most, unrestricted funds give the BCF the most flexibility to respond to the changing needs of the Branford community. All distributions from these funds are subject to the Foundation’s project/grant review guidelines, spending rule, and applicable IRS rules and guidelines.

Restricted Funds
The donor identifies a specific need or field of interest in an area of community life that is in accordance with the mission of the Branford Community Foundation. The Foundation then awards grants to community agencies and programs that are making a difference in that field. As specified by the founding donors, distributions from these funds are narrower in scope than unrestricted funds. Distributions are subject to the Foundation’s spending rule, however, Designated, Scholarship and Donor Advised are NOT subject to project/grant review guidelines.

Restricted funds fall into four subcategories: Field of Interest; Designated; Scholarship; and Donor Advised.

  • Field of Interest (restricted): Focuses on an area of interest specified by the donor(s) (e.g., arts, education, humanities, youth, sports, etc.). Grant distributions are subject to project/grant review guidelines and are made to area non-profits working in the field specified.
  • Designated (restricted): Supports one or more nonprofit organizations of the donor’s choice. In accordance with the Foundation’s spending rule, distributions are made directly to the specified non-profit agency.
  • Scholarship (restricted): Generally supports Branford students pursuing higher education. The selection process is managed by Branford High School.
  • Donor Advised (restricted): The Branford Foundation would own this fund, but the donor would make recommendations for granting to appropriate organizations.

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