Apply For a Grant

2021 Competitive Grant Making Process

The mission of the Branford Community Foundation is to connect people who care with causes that matter, for the purpose of preserving and promoting the quality of life in Branford, Connecticut, now and for generations to come.

We fulfill our mission by building and maintaining a charitable endowment and making prudent grants that serve to address the ever-changing needs of the Branford community. Through the gracious giving of donors who are committed to our mission, we fund worthy programs that promote the quality of life in Branford.

Timetable for Competitive Grants

The 2021 application will be available as of January 1, 2021. The deadline to submit a completed application to the Branford Community Foundation for consideration for competitive funding is March 11, 2021.

Potential applicants are encouraged to attend one of two identical information sessions held via zoom on Wednesday, February 10th, at 9:00 am or Thursday February 18th at 10:30 am. RSVP to Jennifer Mullett, Foundation Coordinator.

Organizations unable to attend either meeting are encouraged to contact Liza Janssen Petra by email or by phone (203) 444-4898 with questions about the grant guidelines or application process prior to submitting a grant.

Grant Review Process

The Community Investment Committee (CIC) of the Branford Community Foundation is charged with reviewing the applications and making recommendations for funding to the Board of Directors. CIC may request to meet with applicants in person during the grant review process. Grant award decisions will be announced by May 30, 2021.

Important Information

  • Grants are awarded to 501(c)3 not-for-profit organizations and 170(c)(1) governmental agencies serving the Branford community.
  • Grants will be awarded to organizations that positively impact Branford within the focus areas identified below.
  • Grant awards cannot be used retroactively to pay costs for programs or services that have occurred in the past.
  • Applications from previous grantees are welcome; continued funding will be considered by CIC, but is not guaranteed.
  • All final reports from previously awarded grants must be provided prior to submission of a new grant application.

What the Branford Community Foundation Funds

The Branford Community Foundation looks to fund organizations and projects that strengthen and improve Branford in the following focus areas:

  • Basic Needs (food, emergency financial assistance, fuel and heat support, shelter)
  • Health (mental health services, senior services, social services, health education, substance abuse prevention)
  • Education (literacy, job training, collegiate scholarships)
  • Arts (music, dance, theatre, visual, community performances)
  • Environment (public spaces and land, recycling, animal and wildlife support)
  • Youth (access to summer camps, children in need, early childhood education)
  • Civic engagement (historical preservation, volunteerism, community events and enhancements)

The Branford Community Foundation holds several “field of interest” funds, including funds dedicated to basic needs, animals, environment, cultural arts, and music. During the application review process, the Board works to match applications with corresponding fields of interest funds.

The Branford Community Foundation seeks grants that enhance the quality of life in Branford. Grant applications should address a need within the focus area and demonstrate impact on the organization, project, community, or persons served.

Applications should include some of the following elements:

  • Address a documented need or concern of the focus area:
  • Recognize and build on a community’s or organization’s strengths and assets;
  • Build the capacity of community organizations and/or individuals to help themselves;
  • Foster cooperative approaches to community issues through collaborations based on shared visions and mutual responsibility;
  • Serve as a catalyst for attracting other resources, such as matching gifts; and
  • Build infrastructure within the organization in order to meet its mission.

Branford Community Foundation will not award grants to:

  • Endowments
  • Debt reduction
  • Lobbying
  • Individuals
  • Political organizations and campaign

Your responsibilities if you are awarded a grant:

  • The Branford Community Foundation expects to be recognized in all related press releases and publicity.
  • The Branford Foundation requires all grantees to submit a final report no later than February 1, 2022 prior to the new grant application cycle deadline.

Additional Funding Opportunities

Emergent Grants: BCF understand that projects and emergencies arise that cannot be accommodated by an annual grant cycle. We reserve a small pool of funding for these types of grant applications, and applicants must clarify why the application was not submitted through the Competitive Grant process. Contact Foundation Coordinator Jennifer Mullett for information.

Sponsorships: BCF considers sponsorship opportunities on a case by case basis, as funding permits. BCF looks to support opportunities that are unique and/or support all of our Branford Community. Contact Foundation Coordinator Jennifer Mullett for information.

Scholarships: Scholarship awards for graduating seniors from Branford High School are reviewed and recommended by the Branford High School Guidance office. Questions about scholarships may be addressed to (203) 315-6730.

Photo by Bill O’Brien