MAY 21 Update – COVID-19 Response Fund for Branford


The gratitude from Branford Community Foundation continues into the 12th week of quarantine. As of May 18th, the COVID19 Response Fund for Branford has raised $179,904.95 and distributed $161,285.

New grants made since May 1, thanks to you:

$10,000 to support the partnership between the Branford Counseling & Community Services and the Branford Rotary Club to provide income to local restaurants and gift cards to needy families through Help Out, Take Out.

$3,000 to Canoe Brook Senior Services to supply and deliver disposable undergarments to individuals who are homebound.

$10,000 to the Branford Early Learning Center to ensure that Branford’s only non-profit childcare center designed to provide working parents with high quality, affordable child care and early childhood education will be able to open when quarantine is lifted and parents need child care as they head back to work.

$5,000 to Clifford Beers Child Guidance Clinic to support case management and care coordination services for Branford children and families, which is critically needed during this time of increased stress and anxiety.

$10,000 to Feed Branford Kids to provide food to Branford children during the COVID19 crisis and ensure the program continues through the summer months.

$10,000 to Branford Microfund, a new initiative that will provide interest-free loans to qualified Branford residents facing a financial emergency—which is an important service during this time of uncertainty.

$5,500 to Shoreline Chamber of Commerce to support its efforts to pivot services to provide information updates to the community at large (regardless of Chamber membership) and providing weekly platforms for the community to hear from elected officials and get their questions answered. The Chamber shifted its focus to support local businesses and non-profit organizations navigate the governmental mandates and assistance due to COVIE19. Due to its tax status, the Chamber didn’t qualify for assistance through the CARE Act, and their income has been stifled due to loss of event revenue. This award, along with a matching grant through the Guilford Foundation, will enable the Chamber to bridge the gap as they wait for funding through the State of Connecticut’s Work Share Program.

$7,500 to Women & Family Life Center to respond to increase demand for services from Branford residents due to COVID19.

$5,000 to SARAH Foundation to provide personal protective equipment to SARAH SENECA to support its Branford clientele and staff.

Thank you, once again, for demonstrating that Branford Has Heart. Together, we will help our community wherever we can.