Giving Is Good for You!

We’re inspired to put some “spring” into your step (pun intended) by sharing a few easy wellness tips. Let’s pretend it’s warmer outside…because it’s finally April!!!

While the forecast may still include the occasional “wintry mix,” someone got the memo because the birds are chirping and the flowers are blooming. Three cheers for spring!

We’re inspired to put some “spring” into your step (pun intended) by sharing a few easy wellness tips.

This spring, you can get healthier simply by:

Eating more plants.
Have you heard of the New American Plate? The American Institute for Cancer Research created it to promote a healthier way of eating. To lower your risk for disease, every plate should aim for a ratio of ⅓ protein and ⅔ vegetables, fruits, whole grains, or beans. Other handy nutrition tips: 1) The more color in your diet, the better, and 2) Drink green tea, which is packed with free radical-fighting antioxidants, to protect and boost your total body health!

The benefits of giving back are truly endless! Generosity is linked to lower rates of depression and a higher level of overall life satisfaction and happiness. Helping others has also been linked to lowering blood pressure and stress levels. What’s truly amazing—the 2012 study in Health Psychology which found that altruism is linked to a longer lifespan! Suddenly inspired to give back? Make a donation to Branford Community Foundation (BCF) today!

Sleep is one of the most underappreciated health tools on the planet, but if you get more of it, you’ll experience higher levels of energy, improved focus, better mood, lower stress, healthier-looking skin, and so much more.

The antidote to stress, laughing is like a magic reset button for your body, helping you release pent up tension and anxiety, boosting your feel-good endorphins, and enabling you to let go so you can enjoy the moment. Who knew that laughing was so Zen?

You deserve to live your fullest and most joyous life, and BCF is committed to helping you do just that! You can make a difference—and feel amazing in the process! Learn more by calling 203.444.4898 or donating today.