BCF Awards Grant to Guilford’s Women & Family Life Center!

The Branford Community Foundation is thrilled to announce a recent award grant to the Women & Family Life Center in Guilford! The Women & Family Life Center was awarded $3,500 to help expand a program they offer in partnership with the Branford Counseling Center. This program provides financial education consults through weekly appointments with a certified financial planner for individuals who need financial advice and counseling in a confidential, private setting.

The financial consult program is open to all income levels and helps individuals who are looking for work, facing a major life transition such as a divorce, or those with little to no income. During these confidential, one-on-one consults, participants have the opportunity to ask questions specific to their situation. With the support of their financial advisor, they are able to develop a plan to help them reach their individual goals or overcome a hardship.

“Lack of income and job skills are issues faced by many of the women we serve,” explains Meghan Scanlon, executive director of the Women & Family Life Center, in her grant report. “Feedback from our one-on-one financial consultations has been extremely well received and positive outcomes are evident in our surveys.”

The following are examples of feedback from participants:

“I had three areas of concern — my credit report, how to keep my finances organized, and health insurance. Sylvia dealt effectively with all three.”

“The financial coach put me at ease as far as my situation, and I feel more positive that I can improve my finances!”

If you are interested in a financial consult, please contact the Women & Family Life Center at 203.458.6699. If you have questions regarding BCF grants or this grant, please contact Liza Janssen Petra at lpetra@branfordcommunityfoundation.org, or donate to BCF now.