BCF Awards $10,000 Grant for Security Deposit Assistance Program

The Branford Community Foundation, the leader in supporting a variety of local philanthropic needs, programs and services for nearly 35 years, has distributed $10,000 in initial funding support towards the Branford Counseling Center’s new Security Deposit Assistance Program.

The Security Deposit Assistance Program is designed to aid eligible individuals and families with financial support to satisfy security deposit requirements. Participants must have a signed lease for rental housing in Branford, have a steady source of income, and not have been subject to eviction or have been evicted from a leased property for up to 36 months prior to application. Rent can be no greater than 30% of monthly income and landlords are required to provide legal rental housing and cannot be relatives of applicants. The Security Deposit Assistance Program will issue a maximum payment of no more than $800 per applicant, up to one month’s rent.

The Security Deposit Assistance Program will provide Branford residents in need with the ability to secure safe housing. Support from the Branford Community Foundation for the Security Deposit Assistance Program will directly serve a minimum of 12 individuals during one year.

Licensed by the Connecticut Department of Public Health and serving as an agency of the Town of Branford, the Branford Counseling Center is a outpatient behavioral health and social service facility for adults and children. In addition, the organization manages the Youth Service Bureau and Social Service Department for the Town of Branford. Current programs include: clinical services, crisis intervention, and community and social services.

The Branford Community Foundation benefits all residents by pooling contributions from like-minded citizens, managing these funds with professional guidance, and then carefully granting a portion of the income generated to local, nonprofit organizations. As a multipurpose permanent local charitable endowment, the Branford Community Foundation helps to build a healthy and successful community by supporting everything from basic needs and health services, to local environmental issues and education, to the arts and other programs.

Pictured, L-R: Stephanie Farber, President, Branford Community Foundation; Mike Randy, Social Services Supervisor, Branford Counseling Center; Jennifer Sylvia, Executive Administrative Assistant, Branford Counseling Center; Peter Cimino, Executive Director, Branford Counseling Center; Liza Janssen Petra, Executive Director, Branford Community Foundation.