2017 Branford Community Snapshot

BCF provides hot meals for the needy.As part of our mission to help meet the most pressing needs of our community, we strive to keep Branford citizens in the know. This past year, we partnered with the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven and DataHaven to provide an in-depth look at all aspects of our community wellness, from demographic trends to family hardships. Here’s a brief look at some of the study highlights:

91 percent of Branford residents consider their town a good place to raise children.Family Friendly
91 percent of all Branford and Outer Ring adults (Madison, Guilford, North Branford, North Haven, Bethany, Woodbridge, Orange, and Milford) consider their town a good or excellent place to raise children.

Elderly Population Surge
All age groups are projected to decrease in population in the next 10 years except adults age 65 and over, which is projected to increase by 41 percent.

Fewer Middle-income Families
In 1980, all Branford residents lived in middle income neighborhoods. By 2014, this had shrunk to 44 percent, as coastal areas became more affluent and incomes elsewhere in the community did not keep up.

Health care in Branford gained the most jobsThriving Healthcare Industry
From 2002 to 2014, the manufacturing industry lost most jobs in Branford, while the health care and social assistance industry gained the most. This fluctuation is consistent with statewide and community trends.

Healthy Inhabitants
72 percent of Branford and Outer Ring residents rate their overall health as good or excellent.

Without a doubt, Branford and the surrounding communities are wonderful places to live and raise children, and they are highly valued by their inhabitants. As we work toward our goal of preserving and improving the quality of life in Branford, we will continue to examine the demographic trends of our town, because the more we know about our community, the better we can serve it.

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