Reminder: Our Grant Deadline is Approaching!

At the Branford Community Foundation (BCF), it is our mission to seek and award grants that will support the people of Branford and the causes that matter to us. With that in mind, we want to enthusiastically remind everyone that our grant deadline is coming up on March 11. If you are working on or considering submitting a grant application, be sure to get it in to us in time!

This year, we have implemented a new online grant program. We are hopeful this change makes the process easier and more efficient for everyone.

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The application questions and supporting materials have not fundamentally changed since last year, but organizations who plan to apply for a grant from BCF will need to do so online. If you are new to the grant application process with BCF or if it’s been a while, here is some basic information to help you get started! Of course, you can always find all the details at our Online Grants Center portal.

At BCF, we seek grants that enhance the quality of life in Branford. Grant applications should address a need within one or more focus areas and demonstrate impact on the organization, project, community or people served!

Our focus areas include:
● Basic needs: Food, emergency financial assistance, fuel and heat support, shelter
● Health: Mental health services, senior services, social services, health education, substance abuse prevention
● Education: Literacy, job training, collegiate scholarships
● Arts: Music, dance, theatre, visual, community performances
● Environment: Public spaces and land, recycling, animal and wildlife support
● Youth: Access to summer camps, children in need, early childhood education
● Civic engagement: Historical preservation, volunteerism, community events and enhancements

To be seriously considered, grant applications should include some of these elements:
● Address a documented need or concern of the focus area
● Recognize and build on a community’s or organization’s strengths and assets
● Build the capacity of community organizations and/or individuals to help themselves
● Foster cooperative approaches to community issues through collaborations based on shared visions and mutual responsibility
● Serve as a catalyst for attracting other resources, such as matching gifts
● Build infrastructure within the organization in order to meet its mission

Other funding opportunities include emergent grants, sponsorships and scholarships.

The Community Investment Committee (CIC) of BCF will review the applications and make recommendations for funding to the Board of Directors. Grant award decisions are set to be announced by May 30.

Again, the deadline for this year’s applications is March 11!

With the deadline nearly upon us, please reach out to Foundation Coordinator Jennifer Mullett at (203) 444-4898 or if you have any questions or concerns regarding grant applications for 2021.

As always, we are extremely thankful to all of you for continuing to make Branford such a wonderful place to be! To learn more about BCF and the programs we support, please visit our website or make a donation today.