Our Grant Deadline is Fast Approaching—March 15!

March 15, 2018 is the 2018 Grant Application Deadline!If you’ve got a cause that will help to improve the quality of life in Branford, we want to hear from you! Funding worthy programs is a huge part of fulfilling our mission at the Branford Community Foundation (BCF). Our goal is to connect people who care with the causes that matter, and we couldn’t fulfill this goal without you!

We recently streamlined our grant application process to make applying for a grant easier. With our 2018 grant deadline rapidly approaching on March 15, here are a few guidelines to consider before applying for a BCF grant:

  • We award grants to non-profit organizations (501(c)(3)) and certain governmental agencies (170(c)(1)) serving the Branford Community.
  • Grants should make a positive impact on Branford with a focus on important community needs, including food, shelter, mental health, social services, education, arts, environment, youth, and civic engagement.
  • Individuals cannot receive a grant, nor can political organizations or lobbyists.

Some of the recent recipients of BCF grants include the historic James Blackstone Library, Branford Counseling Center, Branford Community Dining Room, and the Branford Food Pantry.

We realize that certain needs may arise throughout the year that fall outside our grant application timeline. If your organization should suddenly require help, we offer Emerging Needs Grants to accommodate emergencies and other situations.

Happy spring to all our friends on the Connecticut shoreline and beyond! There’s still time to apply for a BCF grant! Click here for more information or to begin your application today.