Thank You for Your Support! Branford, CT

All of us at Branford Community Foundation (BCF) are happy to put 2020 behind us, but we also want to thank you, the Branford community, for all of your support this past year and as we continue into 2021! Your generous spirit throughout such a difficult year is deeply appreciated. We are so proud to be part of the Branford community!

thank you

Without your care and support, we would not have been able to provide much-needed assistance to our community through the COVID-19 Response Fund and through well-deserved scholarships, grants and more.

To date, the COVID-19 Response Fund has raised $206,124.28 to assist Branford families in need! In addition, we have been able to provide nearly $115,000 in other community investments including grants, scholarships and sponsorships, all of which will help our community continue to thrive.

Throughout 2020, BCF received 58 applications for grant funds, and with your help we were able to fund 42 of these!

Best of all, gifts to the Branford Community Foundation increased 250% in 2020, demonstrating incredible generosity and care by the entire Branford community. BCF Executive Director Liza Janssen Petra says, “We are so very grateful for the support of our community and the resiliency of our neighbors and community organizations.” When we come together the way we did in 2020, wonderful things are still possible even in dark times.

Between this caring community and the beautiful Branford shoreline, we are proud to continue to call ourselves lucky as we embark on ambitious goals in 2021 for the support and enhancement of the Branford community. When we come together to lift each other up as we did in 2020, almost anything is possible!

Thank you all for doing your part to continue making Branford a wonderful place to be. We wish you health and happiness this year and beyond! To learn more about BCF and the programs we support, please visit our website or make a donation today.