Helping Your Nonprofit Succeed! Fall 2017 Shoreline Nonprofit Workshop Series

James Blackstone Memorial Library in Branford, CTOur mission is simple: to connect people who care with the causes that matter to them. Furthering this purpose, we are thrilled to offer a series of educational workshops to benefit nonprofit organizations in Branford and Guilford.

These workshops are designed to provide timely information and training to help nonprofit groups thrive and better serve their communities.

Our four-seminar workshop, “How to Face a Challenging Environment,” has three remaining lectures on October 12, November 9, and December 14. Located at James Blackstone Library in Branford (pictured above), all lectures are held from 8 a.m to 10 a.m. and cost $15 each. To register, click here or call 203.488.5500 today.

Here’s a brief synopsis of each workshop:

October 12
Strategies for Cultivating Effective Teams
To help nonprofit leaders strengthen their team-building skills, this workshop presents vital industry research from Google and marketing expert Simon Sinek and explores key tools and approaches for making nonprofits a success.

November 9
Leadership’s Role in Considering Collaborations, Cutbacks and Reorganization
As resources decline, nonprofit leaders are burdened by an ever-growing list of challenges for keeping their entity viable and strong. This workshop helps leaders to better monitor the health of their organization by exploring critical assessment tools for making important decisions, including management changes, cutbacks, and consolidations.

December 14
Methods to Improve Quality
In a competitive environment, nonprofit leaders strive to provide high-quality programs that make a powerful impact and meet high expectations. This workshop is a basic introduction to quality assurance, providing a trusted assessment model for efficiently measuring and improving program quality.

Interested in attending one or all of these workshops? It’s easy! To register, click here or call 203.488.5500 today.