Helping Children, One Dance at a Time Branford, CT

Dance class is fun!“Today I do dance class and twirled and twirled…I shy but my teacher say I could dance my dance. She clapped and clapped! I dance colors and songs and now I am a dancing queen. I tell my mommy when I go home!”

This 4-year old student is describing her time at the Branford Early Learning Center (BELC)’s enrichment dance program. BELC is a non-profit, school readiness program that provides children (aged 8 weeks to 5 years) of working parents a caring learning environment in a safe, healthy setting.

Helping children through enrichment at Branford Community Foundation!Enrichment programs—dance, yoga, music, and soccer—are an important part of the BELC curriculum, but are also difficult to fund. The Branford Community Foundation (BCF) recently awarded a $5,000 grant to the BELC to support these initiatives and enhance children’s learning, self-esteem, and enjoyment.

“Our families are on a very tight budget and I am blessed that this grant will enable all children in our center to receive these wonderful enrichment programs at no cost to the families,” says BELC Director Diane Pappacoda.

BELC benefits low income, working families that are below the 75 to 50 percent state median income, and offers a sliding scale fee to accommodate families with limited resources. BELC programs focus on the whole child: nutritional well-being, physical and emotional health, social relationships, creativity, community awareness, and academic growth.

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