Branford, Be Our Valentine!

With Valentine’s Day upon us, we’re feeling inspired to proclaim our love for Branford!
So, how do we love Branford? Let us count the ways!

Happy Valentines Day image with hearts

We love Branford for its…

The citizens of Branford never cease to amaze us, and that includes you! Branford people are the best because they make our town a wonderful place to live. They are kind, creative, hard-working, generous and dedicated. We are lucky because every day BCF gets to work with tireless Branford residents who are passionate about making Branford the best town it can be for citizens now and for generations to come. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Any time we like, we can drive or walk to one of Branford’s many waterfront points to partake in the majestic shoreline view, which spans from the Thimble Islands to Branford Point and everywhere in between! Not many towns in the world can boast both a breathtaking shoreline and 375 years of history, and speaking of history…

Historical Preservation!
Last year, Branford celebrated its 375th birthday! We celebrated by holding our 2nd annual Hometown Harmonies event. Were you there? One of the best parts about living in a community that’s been around for a long time is witnessing how well our history is being preserved. Take the beautiful James Blackstone Library for an example. It’s one of Branford’s extraordinary landmarks, and with your generous contributions, it’s being lovingly renovated to accommodate the growing needs of our community while staying true to its original beauty and architectural vision. BCF committed $100,000, the largest single award in our history, to the library to encourage community donations. Without a doubt, Branford citizens are proud of our history and we work hard to preserve it!

Branford is truly one of a kind, a special town in which to play, live and work. With your gift to the Branford Community Foundation, you are helping to ensure that Branford’s vitality continues for years to come. BCF is the only permanent source of funding for the changing needs of our community. We take good care of your generous contributions by investing the funds wisely and distributing a portion of the income to organizations serving Branford.

Your gift helps to safeguard our community for years to come! Donate today or call us at 203.444.4898 to learn about more ways to contribute!