Best of Luck to Branford High School’s Class of 2019!

We can’t believe that another summer has passed, and Branford’s recent high school graduates are now or will soon be attending their college, trade school, or vocation of choice!

Only a few months back, on June 12, our seniors were up all night for Branford’s Project Graduation, a substance-free, all-night event at Branford High School. A safe place for seniors to celebrate, filled with fun activities, Project Graduation relies solely on donations, sponsors, and grants to make the evening a success for the young adults.

For this reason, the Branford Community Foundation (BCF) was eager to help Project Graduation, and we were thrilled to provide a grant of $1,200 to help fund activities.

“Your grant allowed us to have three segways throughout the evening,” explained Christine Bjork, Branford Project Graduation’s treasurer, in her thank you note to BCF. [Segways pictured top right.] “The segways were exciting because most teenagers had never ridden one before.” With the BCF grant, Project Graduation was also able to add a second activity for the middle of the night — Henna tattoos (pictured right and below).

“Having an all-night event can be difficult because it means keeping over 100 teenagers entertained when they are starting to get tired,” wrote Christine, “so being able to offer enough activities with different start and end times is crucial.”

Based on the pictures, it looks like the segways and Henna tattoos were a huge success!

BCF is proud to be able to help causes that are near and dear to Branford’s heart, like Project Graduation! BCF’s mission is to connect people who care with the causes that matter, for the purpose of preserving and promoting the quality of life in Branford, Connecticut, now and for generations to come. To learn more about BCF or to make a donation, visit BCF or donate now.